Power System Studies

Planning analyses and impact studies for investor owned utilities, merchant power plant developers, independent system operators and commercial/ industrial facilities.

Helping you make smart decisions about your power system. 

Evolving regulatory, environmental and system security requirements are changing the utility landscape, adding new levels of complexity for system operators. Timely planning and thoughtful system assessments are critical to managing electrical utility infrastructure.

With an experienced professional staff, PACS provides knowledgeable, in-depth analyses of complex issues related to the electric delivery system and the technical requirements of distribution providers, transmission owners, independent system operators and regional reliability councils. We have experience working with, and within, many operating areas throughout the country, helping us to be able to quickly modify processes and procedures to meet each individual client’s objectives.

Our work includes rigorous assessment designed to ensure that new generation added to a region’s transmission and distribution systems will not have an adverse impact on system reliability and operating characteristics. 

Our services include: 
  • Feasibility and system impact studies
  • Other studies as required
  • Support for power system relaying, conceptual design and operation
  • Steady state, dynamic and short-circuit studies for all voltage levels
  • Model development
  • Short term and long-term analysis
  • Alternative assessments
  • Cost estimates
  • Load and generation additions for both transmission and distribution
  • Transmission and distribution upgrades

    We use state-of-the-art software and modeling techniques to address steady state as well as transient and dynamic system simulations including ETAP