Testing and Commissioning

From outage planning to energization, we deliver cost-effective solutions to safely put your equipment in service.

Mitigate risk, maintain reliability and ensure safety through testing & commissioning Testing and commissioning services ensure your equipment and systems are safe and meet critical standards and specifications through the lifecycle of your project.

Proper testing and commissioning of equipment and systems is critical to maintaining reliability for your customers. Through experience, training, commitment and active participation in industry organizations, PACS is one of the premier national providers of testing and commissioning solutions in the country. Our engineers and technicians undergo extensive in-house training.

We follow well-documented testing and commissioning procedures and guidelines to ensure safe and thorough planning and testing, so you can manage risk and safeguard ongoing operations.

Regardless of project size and complexity, our team is fully committed to exceeding your expectations for quality, schedule and cost. The experts assigned to your project work not just for you as a sub-contractor, but with you as an extension of your staff. This relationship ensures that when questions or discrepancies arise, they are addressed promptly and resolved with the expediency that you receive from your own employees. 

Our testing and commissioning experience includes: 

  • Startup and Commissioning of New Equipment and Systems (Greenfield and Energized sites)
  • Troubleshooting, Analysis and Evaluation of In- Service Equipment and Systems
  • Protective Relay Testing
  • High Voltage Apparatus Testing
  • Outage and Energization Planning
  • Oversight and Supervision
  • Customized Training Programs